Men like men and the angel who got her wings…

(Chapter 18 is written to fleetwood mac-everywhere).

Life was different now…the night of all nights had seen to that.
If I was connected to this woman before…I was part of her makeup now as she was mine.
Everything in life clicked into place. Time was no longer and enemy, it became a great friend bending to my will, becoming infinite when we were together and flying past when we were apart and thanks to distance joining our merry band…distance was no longer a problem…we were boyfriend and girlfriend but we lived like an old married couple, taking turns cooking eating our meals (always seemed to be a curry) on our knees in the dorm room listening to music…
We explored the city by day, on summer days we’d take a bag filled with books and supplies and head out to parks, we’d lay in the hot grass and read and eat and just be! Of course the parks were full of other students which made the experience all the more pleasurable…there was…exotic smells in the air from the ‘smokers’ and also a considerable amount of BBQ’s which made me a little stir crazy…(I wanted to join them but I wasn’t leaving this spot for all the chicken in the world). And as cliche as it sounds…there was always…always that one guy with his guitar!! But in secret I loved those guys. There’s nothing better than a soundtrack to your life…
By night we of course hit the city!!
We had our usual clubs…whenever those nights pop into my head I’ll stop whatever I’m doing and devote some time to reminiscing…honouring them as they deserve…
So one night we decided that (as the a part of it was literally a 30 second walk) we should try the ‘Gay village’…now, I’d heard of this place but naturally, I’d never been. We set out, the entire gang…as I say we were very close to the strip of clubs so you could see it instantly, there was a canal behind it and lights in trees every few steps, laughter poured out from bars and clubs where windows were painless and it looked incredible to me…we hit the strip, me and her and the gang…the night went amazingly, we laughed till we cried and drank till we couldn’t remember crying…mostly everyone was laughing at my embarrassment and her frustration…I’d never been ‘hit on’ by a man before and I don’t know why I didn’t think it could happen…of course this is the place where men like men!! At first I was extremely embarrassed but as the evening crept on and the drinks flowed I did (guilty) work it to my advantage…’can I buy you a drink’ a young man asked…’sure’ I replied and I never paid for another drink all night…everyone laughed and since that night I’ve been back many, many times. Everyone left for home but me and the butterfly took a stroll, just being canal street was a very very small but beautiful park, lights and trees covered the grass and we sat down on a bench, smiles slapped across our faces from the nights adventures and I let my head fall back and I looked up at the stars….one whooshed across the sky lighting it as it flew…I closed my eyes…but did not wish…I just said…’thank you’…she heard me and said ‘what’…I looked down at her, held her face as I do and I said with all the meaning I could muster…’thank you’…I don’t think she ever understood the intensity of that moment, she became a little overwhelmed and I felt her hands tighten around me, I’ve never felt so at peace and ease ever before in my life…it was like I was awake and dreaming at the same time, we sat there for hours until I heard little snores from beside me…I shook her gently but from her deep drunken sleep…she did not wake…i lifted her up in my arms and I carried her home…people looked on, maybe they spoke but I didn’t care…I was looking after the butterfly…I looked down at her, her head leaning in deep towards my chest…her arms one on her body the other loosely hanging down…her legs in my arms, the floor beneath her the sky over head…that night, the angel got her wings….
Next…bad news and the teapot..


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