The wolf pack and lost days…

(Entry 15 is affectionately written to the sound of Tiesto-wasted the Matthew koma version).

There I stood, fresh faced and with a new appreciation for life! I was reborn! And like a newborn I wanted to experience everything this strange new world had to offer…
I’d been in the dark so long it felt strange to be standing in the light…for the first time since year 7 Highschool…my head was clear, it wasn’t that I’d stopped thinking about her…it was that I just accepted she was in my head…and she wasn’t going anywhere…now…I was young…I was different and ready…now I needed plans!!! And as fate always did…fate stepped in….’Ring, Ring’…
After all this time, after all the absence and drifting apart…the voice on the other end spoke as if no time had passed…’I’ve got a mini bus and this weekend were going out of this town…to destroy a new town’…I smiled a big smile let me tell you, ‘I’ll be there’ I replied to my old friend…it was time to sow some wild oats…
As the weekend approached I found myself worrying over many odd things, I worried about what do I wear (it had been a long time since I been out to clubs!), how do I act? Should I drink? Surely no one expects me to dance?! This was going to be a difficult night!! I went shopping and picked up some new clothes for the weekend and headed home…a few hours later there was a knock on the door…’the boys’ had returned after all this time…as soon as they crossed into the house…everything fell back into place…we were…as we’d always been! Bonded by Highschool…they had brought drinks with them…lots of drinks, crates filled with cans, bags filled with bottles, some long, some short and square, some clear and some colourful…drinking had evolved from the 2 litre cider bottles from school…now I had a few more worries…I put some music on and we began to pre-drink…bottle caps flew around the room, glasses and beakers were thrashed together in spontaneous celebrations and cheers to random things…’let’s party…cheers!’…’this shirt is red…cheers!’…vodka burned my throat and alchopops went down like honey, I just out it down to my size that I could handle this early amount of alcohol as I’m sure I should have been dead! We decided that it was time to hit the road (our driving fried was getting really sick of drinking water and milk whilst we glugged down gallons of booze). We stopped in my living room to take the mandatory pre party photo pose (I need to find out how to upload photos…this would be a nice attachment right now)…so after tensing all out arms as hard as possible for the photo we hit the road, dressed in our tightest tops following y lead, jeans…and nice fancy shoes! The mini bus ride was…epic! The drive took about an hour…the music was loud! The weather was hot, the windows were down and we drank and sang the whole way there! Stopping once for fuel and food (and I do believe for some strange reason one of the guys bought some naughty magazines…what he did in that van will never be spoke of again…you know who you are). We arrived first to my friends fathers farm house…he had gone to spend the night with his girlfriend or wife (I’m not sure what they were I think there relationship was new). So we took over the house, grabbed an extension lead or five and set up a sound system one of his fields and in the setting sun we laughed and drank until the world slipped away and night fell…we felt like kings! But after all that drink…we must have looked like zombies! It was time to hit the town! And we hit it hard! In the taxi we decided we needed a play…(this is something you do to attract someone who catches your eye)…long story short with the help of the taxi driver (no one was sober now to drive)…we decided we were a gang…called the wolf pack…six young wolves…(this was before a certain movie coined my gangs name!!!!). Now remember before this next part…we…were…young! I wasn’t the tallest in out group, my friend was a few inches taller about 6ft 5, but I was by far the largest, and the smaller friends were in great shape themselves so naturally to us…this meant that every woman in the world…wanted our babies! Here there and anywhere (this was by no means the case!!!). The wolf pack story one was the ultimate woman repeller.
(Entry 15-part 2 is written to Kenny loggins-playin with the boys).
We entered the club like millionaires (there was probably 100pound between us all). No girl was safe, I stood at the bar whilst I watched my friends sleaze dance there way creepily up behind girls not noticing the sheer terror on the girls faces…mistaking it instead for ‘she wants me!!!!’…she didn’t…she really really didn’t! It was one of the best nights of my entire life, watching my friends try there luck, adopting new tactics when the previous one failed (I’d never seen them try so hard at anything like this). I stood by the bar occasionally walking through to make sure all was happy in the area of my friends…girls approached me more than I expected, it made me extremely nervous, my world was small, Highschool, I knew everyone…how could I not…there wasn’t many to know! College…same…these girls use never seen before and they didn’t know me either…I didn’t know what to do…I’m ashamed to say my first few replies were less than gentlemanly…’would you like to dance she said’…’no’ was all I said…then we awkwardly stared at each other until I tuned around and felt my face contort into that of a man sucking lemons…I knew that was not cool…so next time I tried harder…always refusing…people don’t realise and they take certain things for granted! This type of thing is a skill! A learned skill like shaving…and of course I had no fatherly figure to teach me these things so at this point I didn’t know a dance meant a quick dance and maybe a kiss or two…and depending on the area your in…maybe more than that…but i didn’t know, I thought these girls were looking for relationships and I couldn’t do that! I knew that even if I wouldn’t allow myself to think of the reason why…then it happened…so fast as it always does…I smelt strawberries…I spun around to see her standing there looking up at me with small curious eyes…she was the owner of the scent sure enough…just not the owner I was expecting see…she just looked at me like I was annoying her…to my surprise…I spoke…’erm…are you ok?’ I said…’why aren’t you dancing…you’ve stood here all night!!’ This tiny angry girl was accusing me…’erm…I’m sorry’ I said at this she smiled…grabbed my wrist and took me towards the dance floor…as usual my nervous over thinking kicked in but I knew it was best to stop thinking all together and the second before my feet touched the dance floor…I cleared my head, she was so odd! Just looking at me with this confused but pleasant expression on her face…my friend crashed into the pleasant moment by whispering to me…’your in there son’…I wasn’t going to be in anywhere and this didn’t help but her stare of death towards him upon hearing his screamed whisper made him quickly disappear and me laugh…that night was perfect, we danced, we all laughed and at the end of the night as though she new me for all my life, no kiss, she just hugged me for a long moment and slipped her number into my hand…one last hand pressed to my chest and a smile and she was gone…we called a taxi…he drove us to the farm house…I don’t recall what happened next but in the morning I was rudely woken by shouting and banging…there was a man locked in the conservatory…the taxi driver!!! We settled the very large but fair bill…and slept for a week…those were truly the lost days…lost though they may be…I certain found something great inside them…
Next…real students don’t open automatic doors…


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