Pubs and beer make magic happen…

(Entry 12. Written to semisonic-closing time).
I stare at the clocks…tick,tock,tick,tock,tick,torture!
I’m counting the seconds until the date can begin…time is being my enemy again tonight, creeping to a halt, getting dressed was the most stressful experience of my life for that date, top after top, jeans and pants (even shorts at one point) were thrown on and torn off…I couldn’t get it together, after taking two extremely cold showers, I felt a little but more relaxed and ready to try again, eventually I settled on a nice t-shirt and you guessed it…jeans and brown shoes…fast forward….
For some reason I’m feeling awkward, a lot of time has passed between us and honestly…I don’t know how to act, surely I’ve not been on her mind like she has mine? But then again…she is here right?…we chit chat and move from pub to pub, eventually we settle into a real dive! Heavy rock music is being poorly screamed down the microphone and the small pub is packed…making it awkward for my new dimensions to move inside, we found a round table awkwardly pushed into a corner, people sat on either side but we found a nice corner to sit in, with full view of the pubs strange sites and for a long time the laughs echoed and the drinks flowed…we had slipped into our old ways without even noticing, hands accidentally touched now and again and when this happened we both looked into each other’s eyes…(I believe more than a few ‘accidental’ touches were not so accidental, I know on my part they were not). With a head full of alcohol she shimmed closer to me and rested her head on my shoulder, to anyone looking, this would have been a picture of two people totally at peace…my body would have showed this but my head was absolutely racing!!!! Should I put my arm around her…what the hell do I do now…I sat there…not moving and trying to focus my thoughts…she lifted her head and I let mine fall a little, her lips accidentally brushed the side of my face…I’m sure the entire room could hear my heart beating…and possibly see it!
I pulled my head back and looked at her and she looked at me with soft eyes that I fell into for infinite hours…’I think you want to kiss me’ she tipsily said…before I could answer, her lips found mine…the feeling that followed was physical, I had been waiting…hoping for so long, so very long that I would kiss her again, I believed it would happen, I wanted it so very badly, and it was happening right now, a week ago I’d have called you crazy if you had said I’d be kissing her again…but right now my lips were on hers. ‘Excuse me, you can’t do that in here’…the old battle axe owner of the bar, she banned us for kissing…there were people doing much more in that pub…she just mustn’t have liked us. So laughing hysterically we left and went out into the night…I watched her spinning under the streetlight on the empty road and I smiled, I wished at that moment that I could say here forever…pubs and beer make magic happen…
Next…is there a name for this and gone with the wind…


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