On again off again and the necklace…

(Entry eight. Written nostalgically whilst playing Vance joy-emmylou.)
It’s hard to explain a feeling…it’s something so unique to each individual!
I think the best way I can sum this up is simply…she made me feel! I loved her unconditionally and irrevocably! I adored her, I studied her features daily, I took snapshots in my mind of all her different looks and expressions, her poses and posture. This girl was my oxygen, my life support, my heart. She made me stronger, she made me smarter (I had to become smarter to stay in her classes). She made me…me. I could have taken on the world and won when we were together. We spent all out days, laughing and living carefree. The Butterfly and the Cloud. She was both my red sun…and my kryptonite. Her smell intoxicated me, made my thoughts fuzzy, I don’t know if I was all this to her…but I know she loved me. We were the couple every other couple measured there success on. Everyone was happy for us, lady and the tramp or rather beauty and the beast. Of course life has such a funny way of going about it’s business.
She went on a family holiday, phones and computers were not part of everyday life for children then, contact was hard! She would ring when she could (including one time when she walked down the beach and got chased by a dog). It was hard I won’t lie, the phone calls didn’t last long enough, and life was grey without her radiance to keep my in the sun. She returned home to my utter delight and to my surprise had brought me back gifts…(this had never happened to me before) a information leaflet from where she holidayed and a necklace. I treasured them deeply and needless to say…still have them today!
The years of Highschool began to roll by and by chance or by fate, we broke up and we got back together…and broke up and got back together, every single year we did this. She broke up with me and once (when life at home took a bad turn) I unbelievably broke up with her…but we always got back together. The magnets turned north and north and we parted but they quickly turned the right way back and we stuck together once again.
Time was a blur, we were together more than apart and when apart we didn’t spend a single day apart…we were best friends! And as long as she was near…I could survive…
Next…the year that wasn’t and distance…


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