Magical places do exsist, it just takes a magical person to take you there…

(Entry four, this goes down smoothly with a shot of Joseph Arthur-in the sun).
I’d love to be able to tell you now that kisses flowed like wine in Ancient Greece (or kings landing). But this sadly was not the case. We spent all out time together, classes, breaks, before school and of course after school. Because of where she lived, she had a school bus to take her home along with my best friend. We were saying our kiss less goodbyes whilst my friend waited very patiently against the school railings when the bus began to leave…now, I don’t know what possessed him to do this and to this day I’m sure he still doesn’t know…as my lady ran for her bus…out stretched his leg…and down she went…and rolled very dramatically across the floor…the worst part is, when she got up a violent shade of red…she thought I was the culprit!!! No matter how hard I tried…the laughter would not stop nor my friends. She believed me in the end of course and forgave him…a little.
Then the time came, the time that sends shivers of dread through any man never mind a young lad! It was time…to meet the parents! I remember finding the house easy enough…walking down the drive I noticed the living room window was facing the drive so and I saw all the eyes of the house burning into my soul as I pretended not to notice and knock on the door…she answered and this claimed my nerves a little…as you can see from my story so far I am honest, so you will know the following is being said for no other reason than because it’s how I feel…long story short, her father, is the type of man who would raise a daughter like her! I respected him instantly (and I should say I naturally hated men, especially father figures). He was a self-made man and it was so plain on her face how much she loved him and that love was returned ten fold. He used to always wear jeans and nice shoes not matter what was happening always jeans and very nice shoes…a fashion statement I have no shame in admitting I stole and still keep to this day. No matter what you’ll find me in jeans and brown fancy shoes. Now, I believe he liked me. He always had a smile when we spoke. Her mother, a future image of the girl herself, what more can I say than that! (Two brothers but I didn’t mean one of them till later and never met the other as he was away a lot and lived far away too). When I met her brother he was with his girlfriend and they were so perfectly suited in that small moment I was with them I could see there future…it was eternal. He asked my opinion on a DVD…I nervously gave my critique. Looking back it was foolish to have been so terrified…I’ve never been made to feel so welcome.
Then me and the butterfly (on a discussion we found I loved butterfly’s and she loved clouds…we often referred to each other this way). Went outside, across from her house was a very narrow but long field with a single tree…just beyond this field was the rabbit hole…the butterfly took my hand and let me down a narrow slope hidden in the trees…what I saw from my high view took my breath away! Down below us was a Forrest, hidden bar this tiny sloping secret entrance, trees spaced far and wide apart and the floor reddish brown, the smells of summer and excitement overwhelmed me, we scrambled down and she spun me around and pushed her back up against a tree looking at me….she wanted a kiss….right on que the paralysis crept first up my legs, then took my arms and soon my body was numb, to my surprise I found I could fight it off! I was ready to kiss her, and painfully (very painfully) it was her who now wasn’t ready, with too much eagerness I threw myself forward to crush a kiss on her…she ducked…I head butted the tree with full force, I’m sure she laughed a lot but I was seeing stars so my recollection there is a bit hazy, and then in that moment she seemed to mature infront of my very eyes…confidence shone out of her, her eyes locked onto mine now sign of fear…my heart skipped a beat, we both went in this time and kissed, and kissed and kissed again until the tress stopped moving and the blue sky turned to stars. We spent many of our young days together in that small secret patch of wood. A place that I will forever hold in my heart.
Next…three words and the Nokia 3310.


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