From beginning to end.

Hello world. This is the story of how I fell in love, and by doing so, had my entire life blown apart…and how I wouldn’t change any of it.
For you to fully understand and truly appreciate this, I’m going to have to go back a little bit into my past. Long story short…the concept of love that was taught to me in my house was a very twisted version…my father…showed his ‘love’ in a way that a man should not show a child, my father was violent and an abuser, I’ll say no more on that subject…so naturally as a child I developed into a ball of white hot rage and hate. I was arrogant, short tempered and full of fury, it’s still there but nicely controlled these days. The reason I’m telling you all this is so you can truly see the level of impact this woman had on my life. Fast forward to high school, the setting of all great romances. Year 7, I was a child, love was never on my mind, fighting and being respected was all I sought and needed. Girls were there of course but I had no interest in them. The first school trip approaches, myself and ‘the boys’ decided we needed dates, whilst they discussed potential candidates I (having little interest in finding a girl) found myself watching a play being rehearsed on the stage of the assembly hall…kids walked around, three girls took centre stage wearing three African masks…the two girls on the left and right lowered their masks…I paid no interest, it was clear the taller girl in the middle was riddled with nerves and did not want to lower her mask…(I thank God everyday that she did). Now, I’ll try to explain this as best I can but it is truly unexplainable, the mask lowered, first the hair, a blonde brown mixture that looked like it was made from silk, lower the mask fell, the eyes, green like mine but infinitely deeper and shining like emeralds, Lower still the mask crept as I urged it to fall completely, the lips, my heart skipped a beat…and out of nowhere, with the force of a steam train, it hit me, I knew then and there I was changed, everything I’d ever wanted before this moment flew out of my mind and this girl, this nervous, shy girl was what held me on this earth. If there is a pivotal point in my life where in other dimensions all life split into separate multiverses…it is undoubtably that moment. It was as though life was a road and I had somehow ended up in the wilderness and upon seeing her face, the road appeared again…and as though the universe was agreeing with me…my two friends ended up going to the trip with the two other African mask girls, my other theory on that is my belief and want was so strong, like planets aligning I pulled us all together in a new orbit. Next…the school trip. Where first kisses miss coaches…


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