France and the end of all things…

(Entry six. Emotionally wrote to the tune of Christina perri-a thousand years version 1).
It was time…
I spent much of my childhood alone, my head buried in story books, escaping into worlds where I could be brave, where I was a hero. And in real life, I sought out places where I could be alone with the world. Next to my house is the entrance to woodland…not many people go in it’s a place of such beauty and it’s avoided as the entrance is lurking ground for not nice people, I had had adventures in there let me tell you, last year, I was the hero I read about in my books in those woods but I digress (that’s another story).
Through the entrance and off the trail, through fields and over hills…there lies buried in the trees, a place I affectionately named my meadow (like Edward and Bella’s meadow). I spent many long hazy summer days there dreaming of life and what I will do with mine. Read many books in the long grass surrounded by all the flowers and occasional brave little animal. It was truly my happy place.
I decided she should see it, bravely and admirably she conquered the trek and when she came into my meadow…she turned to me, my love for the place must have been clear for she simply and wonderfully said ‘it is beautiful’ that was more than I needed, we sat in the grass and wasted away the hours (not a single second was wasted for me) talking, laughing and making shapes out of clouds…I still go there today…it is still my happy place.
My other favourite place was quite the opposite, a gathering spot for all children, a very large sized pond (I still argue it’s a lake) sand, grass, swings and nothing but surrounding happiness. She told me the first time I took her here and we sat on some old swings…’I can see why this place is so special to you’. When I came to these places before she was in my life, I absorbed everything, the tress, the leaves, the grass and the life of the place itself, the world is alive and I saw it all! But when I was with her, all I could think about was ‘I wonder what she’s thinking now’. She would look around and the seconds passed and she would just smile, she was happy.
The dawn of another trip.
France, a trip away from the parents, in another country no less!!! The school was a volcano of erupting excitement…even I was excited…for everyone else, I knew straight away I wouldn’t be going…my mother would give you the clothes off her back to keep you warm! But she didn’t earn enough to spend on such a trip and even after the earth shattering effects of this trip…I’ve never blamed her for not paying for me to go, she did the best she could and it was more than enough for me! I didn’t mind not going until I slowly realised what this meant…time apart! I was not ready for this but she was so excited to go I couldn’t express my fears. The trip was only a school week…five days…three days in…my Nokia 3310 rang, I was ecstatic! If been waiting for this call ‘hey’ I almost bellowed down the phone in a failed attempt at coolness…’we have to talk’. How odd, even at such a young age that is always the beginning of the last sentence you ever want to hear…all what happened next took me a while to come to terms with…for me it was so out of the blue…’I prefer someone a but older…we over’ the 3310 hit the wall with punishable force…I fell back onto my bed and cursed the world……………it was all over…
Next…magnets and the German classes….


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