First kisses miss coaches…

(I feel my blog would be better read with accompanying music, so for this chapter please play ‘five for fighting-100 years. As background music, much appreciated)
The day of the trip to Alton Towers arrives. I am more excited than most as my previous trips with the family were usually a drive to the beach, as upon site of said beach, my father would spin the car round and drive all the way home (I can’t put into words how annoying and depressing that was). So, I knew this wasn’t going to happen today…unless my father wanted to up his game and became the coach driver for the day but (hurrah) he wasn’t. So were all sat down in the assembly hall on the floor in rows and lines waiting to be led outside, I scan the hall see her, she doesn’t see me and that’s ok it gives me time to just take her in…that is the first time I could look at her as my date, and those thoughts I’m going to keep to myself, my apologies readers but there very important to me. Then like cattle we are herded outside and onto separate coaches, I sat with my best friend enjoy the journey and the sites along the motorways of life, she is not on my coach, we arrive to Alton Towers and are given strict orders to stay in line until we get inside the theme park so of course me and my friend…run at full speed through the people and classmates to enter the park, I will be honest, still a young child, in a theme park, with ‘my boys’ at this moment I was still able to think about other things beside her…(those days didn’t last long). However after a while I was wondering where she could be, then something most unexpected and extraordinary happened…me and the fellas had found a food stand, then I hear it…my name is shouted in a way I have never heard it…as though someone is glad to see me…I turn around and I see her then she skips towards me smiling, I’ve never physically felt someone so happy to see me before, that’s the moment every thought I ever had since, has been about her (I said my free thinking didn’t last long…the time it took me to eat a hotdog to be precise). And now everything was the complete. The boys and there girls (of course it wasn’t the same for them, the two girls stayed side by side as did my friends throwing the occasional nervous glance towards their date). But me and mine, we were side by side and I couldn’t have been happier. What you have to understand is….being near her had an effect on my whole being. A second with her aged me mentally by year, I was no longer a child. So, the fun began, we rode roller coasters, the guys made out like they were less than average (there green faces and jelly legs told a more honest account of their experiences) and the girl were fuelled on adrenaline. The hours past and we all grew closer. Then walking through ‘The Gardens’ in deep wood, the gang decided it would be appropriate me and mine kiss…even subconsciously they knew we were different, they never thought about kissing each other at this point but all at once decided me and mine should share a kiss…well, it didn’t quite go to plan.
For what felt like an eternity I stood there, looking up into (girls were still taller than boys at this point in life) eyes of my date, and for the first time in my life, I became paralyzed. My head was screaming…’kiss her…KISS HER YOU IDIOT, oh my days do something, this is so embarressing, your just staring at her, kiss her…kiss her’. In the end after 30 minutes my friends and her friends decided this wasn’t going to be worth the wait and they fled, however we didn’t move, in the woods, the smell of flowers drifted over me, the trees swayed in the warm summer breeze and my body came back to life, yet we continued to stare, I wish I knew her thoughts that day and for some unknown reason I’ve never asked her. In the end we were shocked back to life by the reality of the time…we had five minutes to reach the coach…lost in the gardens of Alton Towers, this was a doomed task. I don’t remember who took who’s hand in that moment but the next thing I know we’re flying through the park hand in hand…the car park in site…deserted…not a good sign but we are laughing, laughing like only the young free of life’s stress can laugh, we run and there at the end of the car park is one solitary coach with a driver who’s face tells me he wouldn’t think our reason for lateness was worth holding everyone up, we got on and my best friend cheered loudly causing the rest of the coach to fill with laughter and me and my date to develop a skin tone akin to that of a tomato. So, we took our seats by our friends again worked out perfectly as my date wasn’t on my coach but her friends were so the trip back worked out best for her too, I joined my friend and seperatley…we gossiped and told our stories of what happened in glorious exaggeration. So I never got that order kiss that day…but you can be sure, it did eventually come…next time, A first kiss comes with strawberrys…


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