A first kiss comes with strawberrys…

(Entry 3. This chapter is best served with Greenday-time of your life).
‘Will you be my girlfriend?’….’yes’.
Such a small word, three little letters, yet the impact of that word in response to my stuttered question was explosive! She was mine, and I was hers! The order of the following events may be backwards and side to side as during the days or our new relationship, the concept of time changed for me, days blended into months and time without her slowed and time with her (to my great annoyance) hastened. Now and again I’ll catch myself thinking of my high school days with great fondness, I loved every single day of my high school experience. Two teachers in particular helped me to reach for more and realise my potential. A drama teacher whom was very special, and the assistant head and English teacher who I don’t think understands what she means to me and what she did for me. I digress…time was weaving in and out of my consciousness. Lessons she wasn’t in dragged and I couldn’t concentrate and lessons we shared together sped past and being with her or near her…I couldn’t concentrate. Luckily our surnames both began with the Same letter so in the odd class where you couldn’t choose seating…we were next to each other or close enough that the people originally next to us would swap. Now the weeks had gone on and by now even if I do say so myself, I was an extremely superb hand holder! No matter where, as soon as I saw that hand, on a desk, round a pen or pencil, holding an apple (to her frustration I assume) I would confidently weave my fingers through hers. She seemed to like this though. The seminal day came…and the morning of I stupidly announced in strict confidence to my best friend, ‘I’m going to kiss her today’…naturally he told everyone who he could reach, not from an evil deed but because my friend was truly happy about my relationship and he wanted people to witness this ‘event’ and a little bit he wanted to embarrass me too. Dinner break was the deadline I’d set. The bell sounds…confidence pours out of me, I march to the place we would always meet at breaks and I have to blink several times to make sure I’m seeing what is In front of me…literally half the entire school has gathered in our quiet corner of one of the smaller yards…I scan the crowd and see the faces, some smiling, some here to witness the romance…some to embarrass me to the point of no return. Then I see her…stood there her hands clasped into little twisted fists staring at me, she shares my look of fear on her face…I walk towards her, we hold hands, I stare up into her eyes (don’t worry, the growth spurt happens…and in a big way too). She looks into mine, the school goes silent and watches on…and then…my old friend crippling paralysis creeps into my body…she realises what’s happened and I see the dread creep up her face, I can hear laughter spreading through the crowd…seconds tick by…my brain screams on ‘not again!!!! Kiss this girl’. Then out of nowhere, I do. I lean forward, she leans forward and our lips meet for the very first time, I couldn’t tell you if the crowd cheered or laughed or disappeared. Because I couldn’t hear a thing I could only feel, her lips on mine and the taste in my mouth that was spreading through my entire body…strawberrys. Next…Magical places do exsist, is just takes a magical person to take you there…


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