3 words and the Nokia 3310…

(Entry five written to the sound of Kutless-all of the words).
Kisses flowed like wine in kings landing :-). We kissed before school, during school (much to the teachers annoyance) and after school. I was changing at a ferocious pace, my body was different, my voice didn’t sound like my own anymore and now finally (FINALLY!) I was taller than her. My feelings for her unbelievably amplified! I worried, did she like me as much, how do I know??? I asked myself constantly. My friends tried there hand at dating but it never seemed to work out, (my best friend never dated once though high school but that’s because the one for him was waiting after that time had finished). One friend asked us foolishly how to ask a girl out…the advice we gave him was cruel! So full of the false confidence we provided ‘you are the man…she wants you!!!’ He tapped her on the shoulder…got down on one knee (yes, that’s right) and asked her to be his girlfriend…her reply was less than kind…’Ewwwwww no way looser’. This took some getting over for him, turning around to see his best friends crying with laughter was certainly salt in the wound.
Now mobile phones were nothing special then, a handful of us had one, and it could only text and play snake or snake 2. But what’s important is I had one (a Nokia 3310) and she had one. And amazingly, just like I now see in movies and tv shows…we would stay up all night, every night talking until we both fell asleep talking on the phone. Those nights are very pleasant memories for me indeed. I was young and I was in love and nothing else mattered. Now one night my body must have had another hormonal boost and my mind was racing, I was on the phone but to one her friends whilst she was in the background they were having a sleepover…what happened next I blame my brain for entirely! My head says to me ‘you love this girl…tell her, tell her now!’ I have no idea what her friend said to me that night the panic in me was erupting out. ‘Ok goodnight’ the friend says…this is how i replied with a slightly angry and fed up tone (I’ve no idea why…again my brain is no friend of mine). ‘Right ok, just do me a favour tell her that…erm just…will you….would you just….just….I need you to pass on that….TELL HER I LOVE HER’ the last thing I heard was a chorus of ‘awwww’s’ before I slammed my phone down!
It certainly wasn’t romntic…it wasn’t even face to face, or said directly to her…but I…the hateful kid had told another human being and meant it, that he loved her! It felt good!
Next…France and the end of all things…


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